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WikiHouse MCMV

Research project, prototyping and assembly

The WikiHouse MCMV project was elaborated as part of the actions developed since 2009, with the public call for joint action between FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects - Ministry of Science and Technology), and the Ministry of Cities, to develop research in the area of environmental sanitation and housing. The TPED research group was the representative of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, and developed a research on the application of information and communication technologies in the production of social interest housing. The prototype of this research was concluded in 2015 with the application of the open source building system WikiHouse using the housing parameters of the federal housing program Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV).





Eduardo Sampaio Nardelli, PhD; Eduardo Luisi Paixão Campolongo, M.Sc; Ezequiel Shoeiji Oguma; Jair Antonio de Oliveira Junior; Lais Guerle Tonso; Luiz Alberto Fresl Backheuser, PhD; Maurício José Silva Matias; Rodolfo Rodrigo do Nascimento Biller

SketchUp 3D modelling; CNC router milling

Faculty of Architecture and Urban design of Mackenzie Presbytherian University

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