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Origami and algorithm

Workshop and Conference Paper

This article addresses an experiment carried out in the context of a digital fabrication laboratory and which purpose was to introduce basic algorithm concepts through the practice of Origami. The logical thinking associated with the area of programming is not common in the Brazilian educational institutions curriculum. This reality is noticeable in the environment of a FabLab, since it has a day dedicated to the free access and use of the community. No prerequisites are needed in order to attend the open day, enabling people to have access to numerically controlled equipments. For a conscientious use of these technologies it is important that the user have knowledge of the algorithmic logic allowing them to go beyond the basic functions inherent to each machine. The activity documented in this article intend to make the algorithmic logic accessible to a lay public insofar as the participant can identify similarities between the programming language and the development stages of the millennial technique of the paper fold.






Juliana Harrison Henno, PhD

Paper based origami

PortoFabLab, Porto Seguro Cultural Centre

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